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T.R. 26 | Mr Millcroft's Birthday by P. D. James

T.R. 26 | Mr Millcroft's Birthday by P. D. James


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Episode Summary

As it’s Halloween week, I’ve chosen a suitably spooky Tea Read for today. My choice is ‘Mr Millcroft’s Birthday,’ by P.D. James. This story is published in the collection Sleep No More: Six Murderous Tales, which features stories all written by P.D. James. A few of the stories are set over the Christmas period, so it’s a fun collection to put on your December reading pile. I think Sleep No More is a terrific selection of James’s short stories, and it offers a great taste of her writing if you’re unfamiliar with her books.

I chose ‘Mr Millcroft’s Birthday’ because it’s the one that’s stuck in my mind most since I first read Sleep No More last autumn. There’s a brilliant twist at the end of this tale which sent plenty of shivers down my spine, and some of the characters in the book get dealt a rather nasty trick, which I thought made it a very appropriate Halloween choice!

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