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T.R.25 | I Really was Very Hungry by M. F. K. Fisher

T.R.25 | I Really was Very Hungry by M. F. K. Fisher


Listen to Tea Reads, Episode 25: I Really was Very Hungry by M.F.K. Fisher

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Episode Summary

This weekend, I’m travelling to Burgundy for a press trip to review a hotel that’s famed for its exceptional food and wine. In celebration of my upcoming trip, then, I’ve chosen an essay by the American writer, M. F. K. Fisher, about an unforgettable meal she had in northern Burgundy.

M. F. K. Fisher was born in America in 1908. She travelled extensively through France, and Fisher is generally considered one of the greatest food writers. W. H. Auden famously praised her, remarking ‘I do not know of anyone in the United States who writes better prose.’

I’m am also a tremendous fan of Fisher’s wonderful writing, and I particularly enjoy her musings on France and French cooking and eating. The essay I’ve chosen to share with you today is called ‘I Really Was Very Hungry,’ and in it Fisher describes one of the largest and most extraordinary meals of her life.

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