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TR.09 | A World of Her Own by Penelope Lively

TR.09 | A World of Her Own by Penelope Lively


Listen to Tea Reads, Episode 9: A World of Her Own by Penelope Lively

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Episode Summary

This Friday's Tea Reads is a short story by the brilliant author, Penelope Lively. In 'A World of Her Own,' Lively tells the story of Lisa, a spoilt child whose selfish behaviour is excused because she is considered artistic by her adoring mother and (rather less adoring) sister. Lisa's lifelong extreme self-involvement certainly places her in 'a world of her own,' much to the dismay of those around her, and Lively's story serves as a grim warning to the dangers of pandering to an artistic temperament. 

Listen to hear our thoughts on a short story by one of our favourite writers.

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