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TR.06 | The Rise of the Bibliomemoir by Lucy Scholes

TR.06 | The Rise of the Bibliomemoir by Lucy Scholes


Listen to Tea Reads, Episode 6: Close Readings: The Rise of the Bibliomemoir by Lucy Scholes

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Episode Summary

Our Tea Reads for this weekend is an article on the rise of bibliomemoirs by Lucy Scholes for the Financial Times. With Bookworm, The Reading Cure, My Life with Bob and many other similar bookish memoirs being published recently, it's clear that there is an increasing interest in how books have shaped people's lives. Sophie and I definitely share this interest, and we had a great time chatting about Lucy's article and some of our favourite memoirs, as well as ones we've added to our list to try.


Listen to hear our thoughts on some of our favourite bibliomemoirs.

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