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TR.02 | Here We Are by Dorothy Parker

TR.02 | Here We Are by Dorothy Parker


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Episode Summary

Hello and happy Friday! For this weekend's short read inspiration, Sophie and I are discussing Here We Are, a short story by the American writer, Dorothy Parker, which was first published in Cosmopolitan magazine in 1931.

For those feeling they need a bit of an antidote to fast-approaching Valentine's Day, this Tea Reads episode is the ideal listen. In Here We Are, Dorothy Parker deftly describes the couple you hope never to get stuck with in a confined space: a just-married husband and wife who can't stop bickering. Parker's dialogue is fast-paced and bitingly funny, and there's a lot of emotion simmering under-the-surface, as the couple struggle with the universal relationship traps of jealously, insecurity and misunderstanding. 

Listen to hear our thoughts on Dorothy Parker's entertaining story.

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