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TR.01 | The Art of the Dinner Party

TR.01 | The Art of the Dinner Party


Listen to Tea Reads, Episode 1: The Art of the Dinner Party by Gabrielle Hamilton

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Introducing 'Tea Reads'

Welcome to the first episode of Tea Reads, a weekly series of mini Tea & Tattle episodes that speak to literature-loving souls. Each Friday, Sophie and I will share an exceptional short read, from poems to essays and engaging short stories. Although nothing we suggest will take longer to read than it does to drink a cup of tea, every piece is chosen for its ability to inspire, entertain and provoke conversation. 

I hope Tea Reads will encourage all our listenres to take 10 minutes for themselves at least once a week, by pressing pause on their busy lives and reading something great. 

Episode Summary

Today's Tea Reads pick is The Art of the Dinner Party by food writer and chef, Gabrielle Hamilton. Gabrielle owns the hugely popular restaurant, Prune, in NYC, and is one of my favourite food writers. Sophie and I discuss what particularly resonated with us when reading Gabrielle's article, and we share two of our favourite passages.

Listen to hear our thoughts on Gabrielle's article and the importance of storytelling and food.

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Are you inspired to read The Art of the Dinner Party? What do you think of it? Do get in touch and let us know! You can drop us an email at teaandtattlepodcast@gmail.com, or connect with us on instagram.

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