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97 | A Chat With Rebecca Stice

97 | A Chat With Rebecca Stice


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Episode Summary

This week on Tea & Tattle, I’m joined by the fashion blogger and instagrammer, Rebecca Stice, otherwise known as @aclotheshorse. Having grown up in America, Rebecca now lives in Northern Ireland with her husband, and her content features gorgeous rustic scenes that showcase the tranquility and beauty of nature. I adore Rebecca’s fairytale-like photography and vintage style. Her blog and instagram posts never fail to enchant, so it was such a treat to get to chat to Rebecca about her creative process and how she first started her blog.

Rebecca Stice via    aclotheshorse.co.uk

Rebecca Stice via aclotheshorse.co.uk

We had such an inspiring, honest conversation about how following the path of least resistance - in Rebecca’s case, embracing her rural setting - leads to success, and the importance of starting a creative business that only needs to rely on you to succeed.

I think December is an ideal time to reflect on the upcoming year, and I’ll definitely be taking Rebecca’s words to heart as I consider my own path of least resistance and what I want to develop in 2019. I absolutely loved chatting with Rebecca, and I’m sure all Tea & Tattle listeners will find her words and attitude equally inspiring.

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