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86 | A Chat With Lucy Heath

86 | A Chat With Lucy Heath


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Episode Summary

This week on Tea & Tattle, I’m joined by Lucy Heath, an award winning blogger, photographer and founder of the successful online business, Capture By Lucy. Lucy creates gorgeous vinyl backdrops that she sells through Capture by Lucy, and her backdrops are bought and used by amateur and professional photographers and stylists all over the world.

Lucy Heath, founder of Capture by Lucy

Lucy Heath, founder of Capture by Lucy

I absolutely adore Lucy’s backdrops - they’re the only type I use - and I use them in my photography all the time, especially for my @mirandasbookcase instagram account, for which I take a lot of flat lays. Here’s a selection of images featuring some of the Capture by Lucy backdrops that I own:

In today’s discussion, Lucy tells me about how she’s carved out her own space in the market by sticking to a product that she feels passionately about and by marketing her own individual skills.  We also talk about why blogging is just as important as instagram, and Lucy shares tips on how to come up with your first product and how to start a creative business.

I loved hearing about Lucy’s journey going from blogging as a hobby to developing her career as a photographer and then building her own online business. Lucy is such a genuine person, and she shares some great advice on this podcast, so it’s definitely a must listen if you’re interested in building a portfolio career and developing your photography and blogging skills.

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"There’s so much pressure to invent something new, but actually, I didn’t find a gap in the market; I found how to make the market bigger by doing something in my own way."

 - Lucy Heath

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What did you enjoy most about this episode? Are you a fan of Lucy’s beautiful backdrops too?

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