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81 | A Chat With Janne Ford

81 | A Chat With Janne Ford


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Episode Summary

This Tuesday on Tea & Tattle, I'm joined by the freelance floral photogapher, Janne Ford.  Janne is one of the most inspiring photographers I know; her stunning photographs never fail to leave me feeling uplifted and soothed.

Janne has collaborated with many major flower companies and florists, and she regularly hosts styling and photography workshops. I had so much fun attending one of her workshops last September, and I can't recommend them highly enough!

Janne Ford

Janne Ford

On the podcast, Janne tells me about how she went from being a designer and running a children's clothing business, to becoming a floral photographer. She also shares some fantastic tips on photographing florals, what flowers to look out for throughout the seasons, and how to make your photographs truly stand out on instagram. It's a great listen for anyone who would like to improve their own floral photography, or who is interested in using instagram to build a creative business.

Listen to learn more about floral photography.

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"I've always loved colour; for me, colour is the number one thing."

 - Janne Ford

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