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80 | A Chat With Marte Marie Forsberg

80 | A Chat With Marte Marie Forsberg


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Episode Summary

Today on Tea & Tattle, I'm chatting with the writer and photographer Marte Marie Forsberg about her cookbook, The Cottage Kitchen. From my earliest days on instagram, I've been a fan of Marie's gorgeous account, where she shares photos of her daily life in the English countryside and the delicious dishes she cooks up in her charming home.

I was so pleased to get my hands on Marie's first cookbook, The Cottage Kitchen, when it was first published in the Winter, and I've been so enjoying using the book ever since. The Cottage Kitchen is a collection of recipes inspired by the four seasons, and many of the dishes are influenced by those that Marie enjoyed as a child in Norway.


In today's conversation, Marie tells me about how going back to her roots and rediscovering what she loved to do as a young girl - cooking with her Mum in the kitchen - helped her to decide in her early 30s what she really wanted to do with her life. 

After years spent travelling throughout her 20s, Marie moved back to Norway, where she started cooking and photographing the meals she made at her parent's island cottage. Discovering a passion for telling stories through photography, as well as words, led Marie to move to a small cottage in the British countryside, where she began writing The Cottage Kitchen.

Marte Marie Forsberg

Marte Marie Forsberg

I found it incredibly inspiring to hear how Marie discovered her passion in life, as well as how she made such a success of moving to a strange place where she didn't know anybody, but where she found joy from embracing simple pleasures and creative pursuits.

Listen to learn more about Marie's path to becoming a writer and photographer.

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"I started cooking to reconnect with my roots."

 -Marte Marie Forsberg

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