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79 | A Chat With Alicia Drake

79 | A Chat With Alicia Drake


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Episode Summary

This Tuesday, I'm in conversation with the writer Alicia Drake about her debut novel, I Love You Too Much, which tells the story of Paul, a young French teenager living in Paris, whose lonely world splinters after his parents' separation.


I so enjoyed reading Alicia's novel, which shows a different, darker side to life in Paris, and Paul's haunting story has stayed with me across the months since I first read the book. I was fascinated to learn how Alicia drew on her experience of living in France for 18 years and raising her own children when she wrote I Love You Too Much. I was also so impressed to learn that Alicia wrote a full draft of her novel in French, just so she could perfect the voice of her characters. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes Alicia’s writing truly memorable and her characters feel incredibly real.

In today's conversation, we also have a fascinating chat about the difference between French and British parenting styles, and also how Alicia discovered a love for fiction writing whilst battling with depression.

Alicia Drake

Alicia Drake

This episode is a brilliant listen for anyone who’s keen to learn more about the real Paris, beyond the pretty cafes and delicious cheese, and it’s also wonderfully inspiring for anyone who is interested in writing themselves.

Listen to learn more about Alicia Drake's novel I Love You Too Much.

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"I think there is a darkness to Paris."

 -Alicia Drake

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