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77 | A Chat With Kate Young

77 | A Chat With Kate Young


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Episode Summary

This week on Tea & Tattle, I’m in conversation with the food writer and cook, Kate Young about her fabulous book, The Little Library CookbookOriginally from Australia, Kate now lives in London and works as a private cook, as well as hosting supper clubs, catering weddings and writing about food for various publications. Kate has a regular column in the Guardian where she shares recipes for dishes mentioned in her favourite books.

The Little Library Cookbook  by Kate Young

The Little Library Cookbook by Kate Young

In today’s episode, Kate tells me about how she first started blogging about food in books through her blog, The Little Library Cafe, when she was picked up by the Guardian. Her book, The Little Library Cookbook, is an extension of her blog and column, and offers some seriously delicious recipes based on famous fictional meals.

Kate Young

Kate Young

This is a brilliant episode for anyone who loves to cook as well as to read.

Listen to learn more about Kate Young's fantastic book, The Little Library Cookbook.

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"I don't trust books that don't have food in them!"

 -Kate Young

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