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75 | A Chat With Siobhan Ferguson

75 | A Chat With Siobhan Ferguson


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Episode Summary

Today on Tea & Tattle, I’m chatting with the social media photographer and author, Siobhan Ferguson.  Siobhan is the founder and curator of three incredibly successful city-themed instagram accounts: @prettycitylondon, @theprettycities and her own personal account, @siobhaise

I first discovered Siobhan's @prettycitylondon account several years ago and completely fell for her feed featuring London's prettiest destinations. This spring, Siobhan has published her book, Pretty City London: Discovering London's Beautiful Places, which features guided walks around some of London's most attractive areas, as well as photography tips and plenty of cafe recommendations. 

Pretty City London  by Siobhan Ferguson

Pretty City London by Siobhan Ferguson

For those of you who have ever wondered where the best places are to get that perfect #wisteriahysteria shot, or simply want to discover London's hidden gems, Siobhan's book feels like the answer to a prayer.

I had so much fun chatting to Siobhan and was fascinated to learn about how she first got started on her #prettycitylondon journey, as well as how she selects photos to feature on her account, which part of her book she enjoyed writing the most and why she thinks the iPhone is an instagrammer's best friend.

Siobhan Ferguson

Siobhan Ferguson

This is a brilliant episode for anyone who loves London and appreciates beautiful cityscapes. I can't recommend Siobhan's book enough, both for the diehard Londoner and the casual visitor. I've been on some of the book's suggested walks already, and I was completely overjoyed to discover many gorgeous London houses and streets that I'd never previously tracked down.

Listen to learn more about Siobhan's instagram career and her wonderful book, Pretty City London.

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Tweet: 'I wanted to explore a side to London I'd never seen before.' ~ Chatting with Siobhan Ferguson, founder of #PrettyCityLondon on #TeaAndTattlePodcast: https://ctt.ac/M3d0G+


"I wanted to explore a side to London I'd never seen before."

 -Siobhan Ferguson

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