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73 | A Chat With Skye McAlpine

73 | A Chat With Skye McAlpine


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Episode Summary

Today on Tea & Tattle, Iโ€™m in conversation with the food writer Skye McAlpine, who recently published her first cookbook, A Table in Venice. Although originally from Britain, Skye's parents moved to Venice when she was a young girl, and she now splits her time between London and Venice. 

A Table in Venice by Skye McAlpine

A Table in Venice by Skye McAlpine

For years, Skye wrote about her love for Venetian home cooking and simple, fresh ingredients on her blog and instagram account, building a large audience of  followers who appreciate her delicious recipes and exquisite photography.

I've been a fan of Skye's blog for many years, and I was so excited to get my copy of her cookbook. It doesn't disappoint! A Table in Venice is a thing of beauty, with marbled end papers, pale pink pages and full-page photographs featuring the very best food and scenery Venice has to offer.

Skye McAlpine

Skye McAlpine

In our chat together, Skye tells me why she thinks Venetian cuisine is Italy's best kept secret, how to avoid the common tourist traps of Venice, her favourite morning ritual and so much more.

This is the perfect episode to get you in the mood for long summer evenings spent lingering over dinner tables in the garden, and itโ€™ll definitely make you want to hop on a plane to sample some of those special brioche buns yourself!

Listen to learn more about Skye's cookbook, A Table in Venice.

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"There's no pleasure or privilege so great as to eat a meal at home."

 -Skye McAlpine

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