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56 | Naomi Bulger and the Art of Letter Writing

56 | Naomi Bulger and the Art of Letter Writing


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Episode Summary

Today on Tea & Tattle, I'm delighted to be chatting with the Queen of Snail Mail, Naomi Bulger. I've been following Naomi's gorgeous instagram account for a long time, and she's definitely helped to rekindle my love of letter-writing.

Naomi lives in Australia with her family and works as an illustrator and writer. Her whimsical illustrations make the perfect designs for letter art, and Naomi creates a fantastic range of templates that you can use to create your own pretty envelopes.

Naomi Bulger

Naomi Bulger

I joined Naomi's course on the Art of Letter Writing over the summer, and it was so much fun! I enjoyed Naomi's ideas of story-telling in letter writing, ways to decorate your mail (even if you can't draw) and how to find more like-minded pen-pals. 

Image by Naomi Bulger

Image by Naomi Bulger

In today's episode, Naomi shares what first inspired her to start sending more letters, tips for writing notes that people will love to receive, what to collect for your letter-writing tool kit, and so much more. It's a brilliant episode for anyone interested in enjoying more small moments of calm and tapping in to their own creativity.

Listen to learn more about creating beautiful mail art and living more mindfully.


Episode Breakdown

  • 00:24 - Miranda introduces Naomi Bulger.
  • 02:08 - Naomi explains a little about her life and how she first started out on instagram.
  • 04:37 - How Naomi first got into letter art.
  • 07:34 - Ways to decorate your envelopes.
  • 08:52 - Why snail-mail is having a resurgance.
  • 11:25 - The benefits of mindfulness and slow-living.
  • 15:10 - Naomi's suggestions for the types of letters anyone can start writing straight away.
  • 17:30 - What's in Naomi's letter writing 'tool kit.'
  • 19:27 - How Naomi formulates her letters.
  • 21:12 - A famous artist who inspires Naomi's letter-writing.
  • 24:10 - The inspiration behind Naomi's course on The Art of Letter Writing.
  • 27:35 - Ideas to make your Winter Holiday cards more personal.
  • 29:42 - One letter Naomi received that she cherishes.
  • 31:24 - What's next for Naomi.

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I launch straight into a story.

 -Naomi Bulger

Mail Art Inspiration:

Scroll through the slideshow for more mail-art inspiration from Naomi.

Some Notes from Naomi

Naomi has been kind enough to share a few more links and tips for Tea & Tattle listeners. Here are her notes:

Where I find stationery - these are some of my favourite places to shop online: 

Ways to decorate your mail (if you don't want to paint like me): 

  • Washi tape
  • Decoupage
  • Handmade envelopes (out of wrapping paper, old calendars etc)
  • Rubber-and-ink stamps
  • Wax seals and/or string
  • Confetti (then covered in clear contact)
  • A page from an adult-colouring book turned into a postcard or envelope
  • Embroidery on the edge of the envelope

Places to find pen-pals and other people to write to: 

Charities caring for socially-isolated groups who would appreciate letters and pen-pals: 


Your Thoughts

Thank you so much for listening and being a part of Tea & Tattle podcast. As always, I love to hear your thoughts, so please let me know:

What did you enjoy most about this episode? Are you keen to send more snail mail? What's the most special letter you've ever received?

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