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45 | A Chat With Carolyn Stritch

45 | A Chat With Carolyn Stritch


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Episode Summary

This week on Tea & Tattle Podcast, I'm in conversation with the freelance photographer, Carolyn Stritch. Carolyn lives in Newcastle, UK, and is the creator of The Slow Traveler blog and Instagram account. Her beautiful photographs never fail to leave me spell-bound, and I always appreciate the photography and Instagram advice she gives through articles on her blog.


Carolyn has one of the most beautiful, imaginative galleries on Instagram, so it's hardly surprising that she's attracted a huge following. I was so delighted when Carolyn agreed to interview on Tea & Tattle, and it was wonderful to find out more about how her career as a freelance photographer began and her creative process.


Knowing Carolyn to be an avid reader as well, I also asked her for some great book recommendations to curl up with as we head into autumn, and her suggestions had me rushing out to my nearest bookshop immediately!

Listen to learn about ways to improve your photography and navigate instagram. 

Note: images courtesy Carolyn Stritch.

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:24 - Miranda introduces Carolyn Stritch.
  • 02:19 - How Carolyn's instagram journey began and how she became a freelance photographer.
  • 04:19 - How travel feeds Carolyn's creativity. 
  • 06:10 - Carolyn's experience taking a degree in photography.
  • 08:36 - How Carolyn grew so quickly on Instagram. 
  • 10:29 - Instagram friendships and keeping positive. 
  • 13:55 - Making your Instagram feed look consistent.
  • 18:04 - Advice on how to work with brands on social media.
  • 20:02 - Avoiding the comparison trap on Instagram.
  • 20:54 - Carolyn's advice on how to improve your photography.
  • 23:23 - Miranda asks Carolyn for some autumn reading recommendations.
  • 26:18 - What's next for Carolyn.

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Tweet: 'Being consistently active and engaged is really important for growth.' ~ @slowtravelerthe shares Instagram advice: http://bit.ly/2fvJEh6

Being consistently active and engaged is really important for growth.

 - Carolyn Stritch

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