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43 | A Chat With Liz Schaffer

43 | A Chat With Liz Schaffer


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Episode Summary

Today on Tea & Tattle Podcast, I'm chatting with Liz Schaffer, the editor and founder of my favourite travel magazine, Lodestars Anthology. I first discovered these travel journals when I was browsing Daunt Books, and I instantly fell for the awe-inspiring photography and well-written articles. There are now 8 issues to date, with the most recent, New Zealand, published last month. 


In this week's episode, I took the opportunity to question Liz about the future of independent magazine publishing, how she first came to launch Lodestars Anthology and what lessons she's learnt from running her own business. We also chatted about the art of travel and how to travel more creatively.

Liz Schaffer

Liz Schaffer

This is a brilliant episode for anyone who enjoys travel and inspiring reading material, and it is guaranteed to make you want to plan your next holiday!


Listen to learn more about publishing an independent travel magazine. 

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Episode Breakdown

  • 00:24 - Miranda introduces Liz Schaffer.
  • 01:44 - How Liz first came to love travel and her move from Australia to the UK. 
  • 03:57 - The start of Lodestars Anthology. 
  • 06:26 - Liz's thoughts on travel.
  • 09:14 - The process behind publishing the magazine. 
  • 12:00 - Why print magazines are having a renaissance. 
  • 13:55 - Liz explains more about the philosophy behind Lodestars.
  • 16:52 - How the magazine has grown and changed, and what Liz has learnt since launching Lodestars.
  • 19:21 - The future for print magazines.
  • 20:37 - Liz's ambitions for Lodestars and more about the latest issue on New Zealand.
  • 25:23 - What's next for Liz and which countries Lodestars will be covering next.

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People are drawn to beautiful images and writing because they're a mode of escape and inspiration.

 - Liz Schaffer

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What did you enjoy most about this episode? What do you think makes a good travel magazine?

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