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41 | A Chat With Elizabeth Bard

41 | A Chat With Elizabeth Bard

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Episode Summary

Today on Tea & Tattle, I'm chatting with the bestselling author, Elizabeth Bard, about Elizabeth's new cookbook, Dinner Chez Moi: 50 French Secrets to Joyful Eating and Entertaining.

Elizabeth lives in Provence with her family, and she has also written two culinary memoirs, Lunch in Paris and Picnic in Provence, about her move from America to France and how she fell in love with the country, the food and a Frenchman! I love Elizabeth's humorous and insightful descriptions of adapting to the French way of life, as well as the delicious recipes that accompany her words.

Dinner Chez Moi is less of a memoir and more a handy guide to the French style of eating and living, with plenty of Elizabeth's favourite recipes to enjoy. I had a fabulous time asking Elizabeth all about what she stocks in her Provençal kitchen; how to shop wisely for delicious, but affordable meals and some of the French secrets to keeping a trim waistline (I think I've got the tea-drinking part down at least!).

It was so fun to catch-up with Elizabeth on the podcast, as I'd met her last summer when I was in Provence, and arranged an interview with her at Scaramouche, the artisan glacier Elizabeth runs with her husband. 

With Elizabeth Bard outside of her ice-cream shop, Scaramouche, in Provence, August 2016.

With Elizabeth Bard outside of her ice-cream shop, Scaramouche, in Provence, August 2016.



The ice-cream is amazing!

The ice-cream is amazing!

This episode is perfect for summer and will inspire anyone, I'm sure, to dash to their local farmers' market and start buying up juicy tomatoes and other fresh produce! 

Listen to learn more about eating, cooking and living the French way. 

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:25 - Miranda introduces Elizabeth Bard.
  • 02:34 - How Elizabeth's love affair with France began. 
  • 06:07 - The inspiration behind Dinner Chez Moi
  • 08:13 - Misconceptions regarding French cuisine.
  • 09:40 - How Elizabeth plans out her cooking and shopping. 
  • 12:51 -  Staples for a French style kitchen. 
  • 17:35-  Elizabeth shares some 'Golden Rules' for French cooking and eating.
  • 20:05 - Tips for shopping more affordably for high-quality ingredients.
  • 22:07 - A surprise about flavour.
  • 24:38 - How French women stay trim.
  • 27:08 - What's next for Elizabeth.

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It's about treating, not cheating.

 - Elizabeth Bard

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