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36 | Exploring Britain With Alice Stevenson

36 | Exploring Britain With Alice Stevenson

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Episode Summary

This week on Tea & Tattle, I'm in conversation with the London-based illustrator and author, Alice Stevenson. Alice has been a friend of mine ever since I first interviewed her on my blog a few years ago, but I've been an admirer of her work for much longer than that. Alice is an admirably prolific artist, producing numerous illustrations for book designs, special commissions, prints and cards. Alice is also the author of two books: Ways to Walk in London and the newly published Ways to See Great Britain.

In Ways to See Great Britain, Alice writes about her adventures travelling the UK, covering an impressive variety of places from the Orkney Islands to Plymouth. Her musings on the strange, the beautiful and the prosaic that she discovers are delightfully enhanced by Alice's signature abstract sketches. With an impressive eye for detail, Alice shows you how to bring more intention to your wanderings; always seeking out the hidden treasures that are the rewards of the curious and observant explorer. 

Alice Stevenson

Alice Stevenson

In our conversation, I asked Alice for her tips and recommendations for exploring the UK, as well as ways to look at your surroundings with a more creative eye. Alice also shared some of the highlights and disappointments from her trips, other books about the UK that inspire her and how her perspective on what it means to be British changed as she got to know her home country better.

Listen to hear great tips on exploring the UK and how to bring more creativity to your travels.  

Alice's Artwork

Alice kindly shared some of her beautiful artwork from Ways to See Great Britain, including an illustration of the Orkney drystone walls she mentions in the episode (second illustration in from the top left). Click on the images to enlarge.

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:24 - Miranda introduces Alice Stevenson.
  • 01:38 - How Alice's passion for walking and drawing began. 
  • 04:05 - The inspiration behind Ways to See Great Britain
  • 06:59 - Why exploring more of Britain beyond London seems to be increasingly popular.
  • 09:10 - Writings about the UK that inspire Alice. 
  • 12:12 - Unexpected delights and challenges that Alice encountered on her travels. 
  • 15:10 - Alice explains the creative process behind her drawings.
  • 16:59 - Miranda asks Alice to read a passage from Ways to See Great Britain.
  • 19:39 - How Alice chose the places she visited.
  • 20:45 - Alice reflects on what her travels taught her about Britain and what it means to be British.
  • 22:25 - Tips for seeing more of the UK.
  • 23:22 - Miranda and Alice chat about ideas for making travel more of a creative experience.
  • 24:34 - The place that surprised Alice the most on her travels.
  • 26:39 - Alice's summer events.

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Tweet: 'The more I visited, the more I realised the richness of the country.' Creative travelling with @alicestevo ~ http://bit.ly/2u0LvmM

The more I visited, the more I realised the richness of the country.

 - Alice Stevenson

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