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34 | Botanical Inspiration

34 | Botanical Inspiration

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Episode Summary

This week, Sophie and I are chatting about botanical inspiration for the home, as well as how flowers inspire our creative processes. Botanicals are huge at the moment, and we chat about why their timeless style is so appealing, as well as how flowers and foliage feature in our homes.

In today's episode, we also make two important announcements: the first involves our plans for the podcast over the summer, and the second is a new PDF downloadable document (like our Hygge guide) that I'm currently working on, and which I hope you'll find useful for the summer (listen to the episode to hear all the details on both these announcements).

Sophie also shares a particularly exciting Jump for Joy this week (many congratulations to her again), and as usual we exchange a favourite cultural recommendation in our Culture Corner section. It really is all go in this episode, so be sure to tune in to catch up on the latest news!

Listen to hear our ideas for botanical style in the home and how flowers feed creativity.  

Episode Breakdown

  • 01:24 - Jump for Joys! Find out what's been making Miranda and Sophie happy lately.
  • 03:50 - From Our Listeners - Sophie and Miranda share feedback and interesting remarks from T&T listeners. 
  • 07:03 - Miranda and Sophie make an announcement concerning Tea & Tattle over the summer. Miranda also shares a project she's working on for all T&T listeners. 
  • 09:35 - Miranda introduces the main discussion.
  • 10:21 - Why botanicals are so popular at the moment. 
  • 13:42 - Botanical style in the home. 
  • 21:00 - How flowers feed our creativity.
  • 25:36 - Culture Corner! Find out the recent Tea & Tattle cultural favourites. 

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Botanical style is timeless.

 - Sophie and Miranda

Your Thoughts

Thank you so much for listening and being a part of Tea & Tattle podcast. As always, we love to hear your thoughts, so please let us know:

Do you love to bring nature into your home? Are you inspired by botanicals?

Happy Listening! 

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