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32 | Wedding Etiquette Tips

32 | Wedding Etiquette Tips

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Episode Summary

Today on Tea & Tattle, Sophie and I are discussing our tips for navigating wedding season. We're sharing our thoughts on appropriate etiquette for wedding guests, as well as voicing our opinions on the +1 debate. We'd love to hear what you think about this issue too!

Sophie and I also had a mutual 'Jump for Joy' this week: our trip to Berkshire together, to stay at The Great House in Sonning. We went for riverside walks, enjoyed wine at the local pub and had plenty of tea & tattle time in the gorgeous hotel. It was so fun to take a mini trip together, and we're already planning the next - I'm hoping to join Sophie in Oxford in July, once we're both through our teaching commitments.

In Culture Corner, Sophie shares a book series she recently discovered and is loving, and I talk about the fantastic audiobook that's currently making my photo-editing process a lot less tedious. 

Listen to hear our best tips to guide you through wedding season.  

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:57 - Jump for Joys! Find out what's been making Miranda and Sophie happy lately.
  • 03:25 - From Our Listeners - Sophie and Miranda share feedback and interesting remarks from T&T listeners. 
  • 07:04 - Miranda introduces the main discussion on wedding etiquette tips for guests. 
  • 07:24 - The Invitation and RSVP.
  • 09:05 - The plus one debate. 
  • 14:50 - What to wear to a wedding. 
  • 19:12 - Our thoughts on gifting.
  • 20:51 - Photo-taking at weddings.
  • 25:37 - Our favourite weddings that we've attended as guests (rather than bridesmaids - of course we loved those weddings!).
  • 28:50 - Culture Corner! Find out the recent Tea & Tattle cultural favourites. 

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Make sure your outfit feels like you.

 - Sophie and Miranda

Your Thoughts

Thank you so much for listening and being a part of Tea & Tattle podcast. As always, we love to hear your thoughts, so please let us know:

What are your tips for wedding etiquette, and what do you think of the plus one issue?

Next Time...

I'm in conversation with the bestselling author, Hannah Kent, about her fascination for Icelandic culture and her novels Burial Rites and The Good People. Hannah was a fantastic guest, and I was absolutely fascinated by all she had to say, so be sure to tune in again next Tuesday for your regular dose of Tea & Tattle.

Happy Listening! 

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