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31 | A Chat With Rukmini Iyer

31 | A Chat With Rukmini Iyer

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Episode Summary

This week, the food stylist and writer Rukmini Iyer joins me to discuss her career in the food industry and her fabulous new cookbook, The Roasting Tin. Rukmini started her professional career as a lawyer, but realised her real passion was working with food. I was so interested to learn more about how Rukmini transitioned from law to becoming a food stylist. In today's episode, she shares the important lessons she learnt from spending time in a professional kitchen and competing on Master Chef. 

I bought The Roasting Tin when it came out in April, and I've been so enjoying Rukmini's easy, delicious recipes. We chat about her inspiration behind the book and her tips on meal planning, as well as some of her very favourite recipes. I'm sure, like me, you'll feel inspired to pull out your roasting tin from the cupboard and get cooking straight away! 

Listen to hear all about Rukmini's new cookbook and some great tips for making healthy, home-cooked meals when juggling a busy schedule.  

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:39 - Miranda introduces Rukmini Iyer.
  • 01:40 - How Rukmini's love for food began. 
  • 02:39 - What prompted Rukmini to change career, going from law to food styling. 
  • 03:59 - Rukmini's experience working as a restaurant chef.
  • 05:05 - Miranda asks Rukmini what her advice would be for people wanting to make a career change. 
  • 06:25 - What sparked Rukmini's interest in food styling, rather than photography. 
  • 07:24 - Rukmini's experience on Master Chef.
  • 09:41 - The inspiration behind The Roasting Tin.
  • 11:53 - Why Rukmini loves recipe development so much.
  • 13:38 - Tips for making healthy, home-cooked meals when balancing a busy lifestyle. 
  • 16:03 - Three of Rukmini's favourite recipes.
  • 17:47 - Cookbooks and food blogs that Rukmini is enjoying at the moment.
  • 20:15 - The early summer produce Rukmini is most excited to get. 
  • 21:08 - The appeal of supper clubs and whether Rukmini has plans to do more herself.
  • 23:42 - Our mutual love for Nora Ephron.
  • 24: 52 - What's next for Rukmini.

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Have a really well stocked store cupboard.

 - Rukmini Iyer

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Have you tried any of The Roasting Tin recipes? Which food blogs do you enjoy the most?

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