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29 | A Chat With Sara Tasker

29 | A Chat With Sara Tasker

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Episode Summary

This Tuesday, I'm chatting with the Queen of Instagram, Sara Tasker, otherwise known as @me_and_orla. I've been a fan of Sara's gorgeous photography and engaging personality from before I started blogging, so it was a real joy to have her on the show for a fabulous talk about creativity and social media. 

Sara discussed the start of her Instagram journey, when she gained 10s of 1000s of followers in a few months, and how she kept true to herself and her creative vision, despite the pressure of a huge following. I was also keen to ask Sara for her tips on avoiding the 'comparison trap' on social media and how to regain a sense of community within Instagram, after the changes introduced by the new algorithm. As always, Sara had so much wisdom to share, so this is great episode to listen to if you've been struggling with some of the changes to Instagram lately.

We also chatted about the nature of creativity, how Sara came to start her own podcast, Hashtag Authentic, her experience starting her first novel and so much more.

Listen for an insightful discussion on creativity and social media. 

Note: Above images courtesy Sara Tasker. Click on the images to view full size. 

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:34 - Miranda introduces Sara Tasker.
  • 02:01  - Sara's instagram story.
  • 04:29 - Sara discusses what creativity means to her and when she feels the most creatively inspired.
  • 08:29 - Miranda questions Sara on how she's finding the process of writing her first novel.
  • 11:46 - How to avoid the 'comparison trap' on Instagram and have confidence in yourself.
  • 15:28 - Sara suggests ways to regain a sense of community on Instagram and explains 'comment pods.'
  • 19:56 - The start of Hashtag Authentic and what Sara enjoys most about podcasting.  
  • 23:10 - Sara shares tips on how she so successfully adapts her brand to different social media platforms, conquering not only instagram, but blogging, podcasting and twitter chats too.
  • 24:55 - How receiving a PoTS diagnosis has changed Sara's attitude towards work and life. 
  • 27:58 - Sources that inspire Sara's photography.
  • 30:04 - Sara shares what's next for her, including another upcoming book and her new Instagram course, Bloom & Grow.

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Creativity is essential to us all as humans.

  - Sara Tasker

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What did you enjoy about this episode? When do you feel most creative, and what are your experiences of Instagram post-algorithm?

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