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25 | A Chat With Lindsey Tramuta

25 | A Chat With Lindsey Tramuta

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Episode Summary

This Tuesday, the lovely Lindsey Tramuta joins me on the podcast for a chat about her book, The New Paris, which was published just last week. Lindsey moved from Philadelphia to Paris a decade ago, and in today's episode she shares with me the challenges she faced when first living in France, as well as how she came to set up her fabulous blog, Lost in Cheeseland, and start her career in journalism. 

I've been a fan of Lindsey's blog, where she shares beautiful photos of Paris and writes thoughtfully about the city's culture, for a number of years. I was delighted when Lindsey announced she was writing a book, and now I've received my copy of The New Paris, I'm so enjoying reading every page of this beautiful celebration of one of my favourite cities. 

In The New Paris, Lindsey writes about the changes she has observed in Paris over the past ten years that are transforming the city's creative, food and beverage industries. Lindsey reflects more about these changes on the podcast, as well as the rising 'creative class' of Parisians turning passion projects into careers.

We also chat about Lindsey's research process, her book recommendations for people wanting to know more about the city, and the neighbourhoods Lindsey is particularly enjoying exploring at the moment. Lindsey also reads aloud an excerpt from her book, all about patisserie, which had me craving Pierre Hermé macarons instantly (thank goodness there's a branch in London!). 

Listen for a fascinating insight into the changes Paris has experienced in the creative and food industries over the past decade. 

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:22 - Miranda introduces Lindsey Tramuta.
  • 01:58  - Lindsey describes her journey from studying in Philadelphia to moving to Paris and gaining French citizenship.
  • 03:40 - The hardest challenge Lindsey faced in moving to Paris (and it wasn't the language!).
  • 08:14 - The start of Lindsey's blog, Lost in Cheeseland.
  • 10:36 - Miranda questions Lindsey on how she developed her career in freelance writing.
  • 12:20 - The inspiration behind Lindsey's book, The New Paris.
  • 18:01 - Lindsey reads a passage about patisserie from The New Paris
  • 22:24 - The challenges Lindsey faced in researching the book and bringing all her information together into a cohesive whole.
  • 24:22 - Lindsey shares her favourite neighbourhood in Paris and where she most likes to explore. 
  • 27:22 - Lindsey's three favourite books (apart from her own) that are must-reads if you're keen to find out more about Paris.
  • 30:39 - What's next for Lindsey.

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You have a rising of a creative class in all areas of Paris.

  - Lindsey Tramuta

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What did you enjoy most about this episode? Are you a fan of Lindsey's blog, and have you picked up a copy of The New Paris yet? 

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Don't forget to tune in again next Tuesday, when Sophie is back on the podcast! We're celebrating the 6 month anniversary of Tea & Tattle and reflecting on the goals and 'theme words' we set in Episode 10 at the beginning of the year. 

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