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02 | All About Hygge

02 | All About Hygge

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Sophie and I discuss the Scandinavian concept of hygge. Hygge (roughly translating to 'togetherness' and 'cosiness') is a core value that lies at the heart of Scandinavian living. As Nordic countries routinely top happiness and quality of life charts, we were keen to learn how Scandi-living - particularly in relation to hygge - can boost your mood. 

To start, Sophie and I share our favourite quotes about what hygge really means and talk about why we think hygge is finding such an appreciative audience outside of Scandinavia. Both of us  have been inspired to add more hygge in our lives, and we share ways in which we are doing this. We explain why a love of nature and getting outside as much as possible is such an integral part of hygge, and we ruminate on whether hygge is especially important for introverts, and whether extroverts would perceive hygge in the same way. Finally, Sophie and I go through what items we would put in a 'hygge emergency kit,' to stash away for whenever we have a bad day. 

As an accompaniment to this episode, we've created a free downloadable guide to hygge (read more about it below). 

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:48 - Jump for Joy: Sophie and Miranda share 3 things that have been making them happy lately. 
  • 02:35 - Do-Over: the girls choose one thing they would do differently if they got the chance.
  • 04:19 - Meaning of hygge and favourite quotes about it. 
  • 06:01 - The universal appeal of hygge and why its popularity has exploded outside of Scandinavia in recent months. 
  • 10:51 - How to incorporate more hygge into your life.
  • 16:27 - The connection between hygge and the outdoors.
  • 23:56 - Hygge and introversion.
  • 25:55 - Suggestions for your Hygge Emergency Kit.
  • 29:24 - Culture Corner: Miranda and Sophie share something cultural that they've been loving lately. 

Episode Links

The Tea & Tattle Guide to Hygge (Free Download)

Sophie and I had so much fun talking about hygge that we thought we'd make a downloadable booklet to accompany this episode. You can read our 'Hygge List,' which books we think make perfect relaxing reading material and our top recommendations for places in go in London, Norwich and Oxford that evoke a feeling of hygge. Click here or the image below to sign up and receive your booklet (note: if you previously signed up to the Tea & Tattle Newsletter, I have emailed you your Hygge Guide already, so check your inbox!). 

Thank you!

Thank you so much for listening and for being a part of the start of Tea & Tattle Podcast! We'd love to hear your thoughts on hygge, so please get in touch by leaving a comment below or sending us an email (teaandtattlepodcast@gmail.com).

Have you been trying to get more hygge in your life? Do you think it's particularly appealing to introverts? What would be in your hygge emergency kit?

Happy Listening!

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