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20 | Marie Kondo and Dominique Loreau

20 | Marie Kondo and Dominique Loreau

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Episode Summary

This Tuesday, Sophie and I are in conversation about the best-selling books, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo and L'Art de la Simplicité : How to Live More With Less  by Dominique Loreau. Both books have had phenomenal success and developed a cult following, and Sophie and I were curious to read them to see how much we agreed with their principles and to what extent we found them applicable to our own lives. 

In this episode, we're having a frank discussion about our initial reactions to both books, what we found useful and thought-provoking about Kondo and Loreau's ideas, and also what we did not enjoy.  We round up our chat with some actionable steps we're already putting into practice from both books. 

As always, too, Sophie and I are sharing what happy moments have made us 'Jump for Joy' lately, as well as some of the comments, useful suggestions and feedback from you, our listeners. Don't miss my book suggestion in this week's 'Culture Corner' section, as well as Sophie's tip for if you happen to find yourself in the King's Cross (London) area. 

Listen to hear our thoughts on the internationally best-selling books, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo and L'Art de la Simplicité: How to Live More With Less by Dominique Loreau. 

Episode Breakdown

  • 01:10 - Jump for Joys! Find out what's been making Miranda and Sophie happy lately.
  • 04:17 - From Our Listeners - Sophie and Miranda share feedback and interesting remarks from T&T listeners. 
  • 07:46 - Miranda introduces the main discussion. 
  • 10:05 - Sophie and Miranda discuss their initial reactions to both books.
  • 13:39 - The points Miranda and Sophie liked most from the books. 
  • 21:04 - Least liked ideas from the books. 
  • 25:54 - Actionable steps.
  • 28:30 - Culture Corner! Find out the recent Tea & Tattle cultural favourites. 

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Beauty is a need.

 - Dominique Loreau

Your Thoughts

Thank you so much for listening and being a part of Tea & Tattle podcast. As always, we love to hear your thoughts, so please let us know:

Have you read either of the books we discussed? What did you think of them? Do you have a preference between the two, and have you adopted any of the KonMari or Loreau strategies? 

Next Time...

I'm chatting with Robin Stevens, author of the Murder Most Unladylike series. Our chat ranged from Robin's new book, Cream Buns and Crime, to her experience going from completing the NaNoWriMo writing challenge to publishing 6 books, with plenty more to come. Robin was a delight to talk to and full of helpful advice and fascinating insights, so be sure to tune in again next week. Until then... 

Happy Listening! 

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