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16 | Jane Austen Heroines

16 | Jane Austen Heroines

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Episode Summary

I'm especially excited about sharing today's episode, as this week on Tea & Tattle, Sophie and I are discussing one of our very, very favourite authors: Jane Austen. Having both read Pride & Prejudice aged 9 (after being mesmerised by the BBC adaptation), Sophie and I devoured every Jane Austen novel (as well as her letters and biographies about her) throughout our teens. We still regularly reread the books, and of course Sophie's teaching at Oxford covers some Jane Austen (apparently she's just about to start teaching Emma - I wish I could be in her class!).

Our love for Austen's delightful heroines was certainly one of the building blocks of our friendship, and we exchanged many a letter as teenagers recounting our opinions of each novel. Today's conversation, then, covers very familiar territory, as we decide which Austen heroines are our favourites (it's almost impossible to choose!), and the important life-lessons we have learnt from each of them. 

Listen to hear how Anne, Elizabeth, Emma, Catherine and Elinor have influenced our lives and continue to inspire us. 

Episode Breakdown

  • 01:02 - Jump for Joys! Find out what's been making Miranda and Sophie happy lately.
  • 03:52 - From Our Listeners - Sophie and Miranda share feedback and interesting remarks from T&T listeners. 
  • 07:46 - Miranda introduces the main discussion. 
  • 08:52 - Sophie explains how she first started reading Jane Austen's books, and how her obsession developed! 
  • 11:23 - Miranda and Sophie attempt to choose their favourite novels. 
  • 12: 58 - Sophie and Miranda explain who they've picked as their very favourite Austen heroines, and how these characters continue to inspire them in their everyday lives.
  • 32:26 - Culture Corner! Find out the recent Tea & Tattle cultural favourites. 

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Anne, with an elegance of mind and sweetness of character, which must have placed her high with any people of real understanding.

 - Jane Austen, on our very favourite of her heroines

Your Thoughts

Thank you so much for listening and being a part of Tea & Tattle podcast. As always, we love to hear your thoughts, so please let us know:

Which Jane Austen Heroines are your favourites? What lessons have they taught you, or how do they inspire you?

Next Time...

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