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14 | The 5 Love Languages

14 | The 5 Love Languages

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Episode Summary

Today on Tea & Tattle, Sophie and I delve into the topic of The 5 Love Languages, a bestselling book by Gary Chapman. This book is a fascinating read for anyone who wants to make the most of both their romantic and platonic relationships, and Sophie and I had a lot of fun deciding which 'love language' we speak (we think we're actually bilingual!). The 5 Love Languages are: words of affirmation; quality time; gifts; physical touch and acts of service. Listen to the episode to find out which resonated particularly with us, and how learning more about the 5 Love Languages shed light on our relationships, past and present!

Episode Breakdown

  • 01:01 - Jump for Joys!
  • 03:40 - From Our Listeners - Miranda and Sophie share feedback and interesting remarks from T&T listeners. 
  • 06:54 - The main topic of today's discussion is introduced. Miranda explains the theory behind the 5 Love Languages.
  • 11:33 - Miranda shares her primary 'love language.'
  • 14:23 - Sophie explains that she thinks she's bilingual and has two 'love languages'!
  • 27:50 - Culture Corner!  Find out what cultural things Sophie and Miranda have been loving lately.

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Your love language and the language of your partner may be as different as Chinese from English.

 - Gary Chapman

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Which 'Love Language' resonates the most with you? 

Next Time...

The writer and academic Carol Dyhouse is joining both Sophie and me in conversation about her latest book, Heartthrobs: A History of Women and Desire. A rather appropriate topic for Valentine's Day!

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