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05 | A Chat With Monica Welburn

05 | A Chat With Monica Welburn

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Episode Summary

This week, I am joined by the fabulous fashion and lifestyle blogger, Monica Welburn of The Elgin Avenue to discuss Monica's career as a full-time blogger. I've been a fan of Monica's blog for a long time and very much enjoy the mix of fashion, lifestyle and wellbeing content. I was fascinated to hear how moving out of London helped Monica to grow her blog and her tips on finding a group of like-minded entrepreneurial women.

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:29 - Miranda introduces Monica.
  • 01:30 - Monica explains her experience starting out in the fashion industry and how she first started blogging.
  • 08:30 - Miranda asks Monica about her transition into full-time blogging.
  • 14:04 - Monica describes how moving out of London helped her business to grow. 
  • 17:45 - The girls discuss the importance of building a friendly online space and carving out your own circle of friends within the blogging industry.
  • 22:58 - Monica talks about how her personal style reflects her personality and background.
  • 25:43 - Monica shares a quote that is inspiring her especially at the moment.
  • 29:14 - The next steps for The Elgin Avenue: Monica describes some of her future projects.


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It's not the way you say things - it's your message that matters.

 - Garance Dore

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