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04 | Our Lives in Clothes

04 | Our Lives in Clothes

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Episode Summary

In our first style-centric episode, Sophie and I discuss the important role fashion plays in our lives. We agree that the clothing choices we make often directly impact our experiences. To illustrate this, Sophie and I have chosen outfits from our childhood through to our late 20s that taught us an important life-lesson or gave us a significant insight into our own personality. For instance, I recall the ballet costume I wore that led to my first experience of fat-shaming at 8 years old, and Sophie relates her experiences reconciling her love for feminine dresses with her desire to be taken seriously in a rigorously academic environment. Scroll down to see photos of some of the outfits mentioned below!

Episode Breakdown

  • 01:00 - Jump for Joys. Find out what's been making Miranda and Sophie happy lately.
  • 05:34 - Do Overs. What the girls wish they could do again differently. 
  • 06:47 - Start of the main discussion on Our Lives in Clothes. 
  • 07:55 - Miranda shares her first outfit example: a ballet costume she had made for a special performance (and which taught her an important lesson about body confidence).
  • 12:35 - Sophie discusses her penchant for floral wrap dresses during her early 20s, and her experience being judged by another (senior) woman for her outfit choices. 
  • 15:29 - Miranda recalls a little black suit that gave her her first experience of sexism related to clothing in a workplace. That same suit also helped her to realise why a career in Law wasn't for her and the type of job she would prefer. 
  • 19:44 - Sophie describes the joys of vintage clothing, remembering in particular a glorious vintage ballgown she wore for a very special occasion.
  • 22:53 - Miranda speaks of an empowering moment she had at the Royal Opera House wearing her favourite cocktail dress. 
  • 27:21 - For her final outfit, Sophie picks sub fusc: the academic garb required for certain events at Oxford, such as exams, formal dinners and graduation ceremonies. 
  • 30:56 - Culture Corner! Sophie and Miranda share the cultural things they've been loving lately. 

Episode Links

  • Anita's instagram photo of her hygge moment in Australia. 
  • The Cornwall Travel Guide a blogger friend of mine recently published. 
  • Sophie's Unlocking the Archive project can be found on Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Renaissance Books merchandise is not yet available to purchase online, but for anyone in Norwich, they can be bought from the shop inside The Forum in the centre of the city. 
  • The Crown on Netflix. Claire Foy is spectacular as the young Queen Elizabeth II. 
  • The Musée National du Moyen Âge, where Sophie went during her spontaneous trip to Paris. Here's a picture of one of the Lady and the Unicorn 16th Century tapestries she mentions:

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Our Lives in Clothes Photos

Sadly, we couldn't find pictures of ourselves in all the outfits mentioned, but some of them are pictured below. I couldn't find one of me in my special ballet costume, but I've found another one of me at about the same time. The photo of me in the cocktail dress was taken at home just before leaving to see Swan Lake. Sophie is in her beautiful ballgown at Oxford, and her sub fusc photo is from her BA graduation. 

And the Winner Is...

Sophie and I got my Mum to draw a name from a hat, and I'm delighted to announce that the winner of our When in French Giveaway is @anglaisepaon! I will be in touch for your address Kate so look out for a message from me. Thanks so much to all those who entered - it was a pleasure to read your thoughts on the Tea & Tattle Interview with Lauren Collins. 

Your Thoughts

Thank you so much for listening and being a part of Tea & Tattle podcast. We love to hear your thoughts, so please let us know:

What outfits have you worn for significant life events? Has a clothing choice ever affected your life, or given you an insight into your personality? Do you relate to any of the experiences we share?

Do share your stories with us - we'd be fascinated to hear them. Leave a comment below or connect with Miranda (@mirandasnotebook) or Sophie (@sophie_perdita). You can also email us (teaandtattlepodcast@gmail.com). 

Next Time...

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