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01 | Introduction

01 | Introduction

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Episode Summary

Welcome to the first episode of Tea & Tattle Podcast! Sophie and I can't tell you how excited we are to have launched this podcast. We've been working on this for months already, so we're pinching ourselves that our launch date is finally here!

For the first episode, we're introducing ourselves, explaining how we met and sharing some highlights from our 17+ years of friendship.  We're also chatting about the podcast and giving you some sneak peeks as to what you can expect from upcoming episodes. Make sure to listen to our first full-length episode - all about our love for the Scandinavian concept of 'hygge' - here

Episode Breakdown

  • 01:02 - Miranda describes what Tea & Tattle Podcast is all about and the type of topics we'll be discussing. 
  • 02:05 - Sophie introduces herself and explains a little more about her background, including her work as a Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Oxford and how she finds splitting her time between Oxford and Norwich.  
  • 04:39 - Miranda and Sophie discuss how they first became pen-pals, and how their experience being homeschooled for several years (for Sophie, a necessity after her ME/CFS diagnosis and for Miranda, in order to pursue intensive ballet training) brought them closer together. 
  • 09:10 - Sophie and Miranda share what topics they're particularly excited about that are coming up on the podcast. The first T&T special guest is revealed!
  • 12:05 - The girls share highlights from their friendship, reminiscing over a trip to Austria together as teenagers and some of the adventures they've had together all through their 20s (see below for pictures!). 

Episode Links

As we promised in the podcast, here are some photo collages highlighting some memories of our friendship. I spent about 10 minutes giggling over my various hairstyles!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for listening to our first episode of Tea & Tattle. I hope you enjoyed getting to learn more about the podcast and my lovely co-host Sophie. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or connect with us on social media. Sophie is on instagram (@sophie_perdita), as is Miranda (@mirandasnotebook).

Do have a listen to our full length episode, All About Hygge. We've created a special downloadable booklet to accompany the episode as well! 

Happy Listening!

02 | All About Hygge

02 | All About Hygge

00 | Hello World!

00 | Hello World!