About Tea & Tattle 

Tea and Tattle is a podcast that  celebrates female friendship and creativity.


Best Friends

The podcast is hosted by Miranda Mills and Sophie Butler, who have been best friends since they became pen-pals at 13. You can hear the full details of their wonderful friendship by listening to the Introductory Podcast Episode


After writing her lifestyle blog, Miranda's Notebook, for 2 years, Miranda decided that the addition of a podcast would be a lot of fun. Much as she loved podcasts, though, Miranda didn't want to have to talk to herself for 1/2 hour episodes! She realised that her lovely friend, Sophie, would be the perfect co-host, and much to her delight, Sophie agreed.  

Tea & Tattle

Tea & Tattle goes deep into a range of topics, from well-being and relationships, to favourite books and career advice. The podcast reflects Miranda and Sophie's interest in all things cultural: their episodes together end with 'culture corner,' where they share the books, theatre experiences, TV shows, films and exhibitions they've been loving lately. 

You can browse all of Miranda and Sophie's joint episodes here.


Tea & Tattle also features interviews with inspiring, creative women. Guests on the podcast include bestselling writers, artists, makers and academics. You can browse all Tea & Tattle interviews here.


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Happy Listening!


Miranda is a lifestyle blogger at Miranda's Notebook and a part-time primary school teacher. She loves reading, writing, photography, ballet and exploring London. When Miranda's not glued to a laptop creating fresh content or editing podcast episodes, you'll generally find her wandering around Hampstead Village or Marylebone High Street, no doubt in search of tea and cake.

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Sophie is a University Lecturer in English Literature, specialising in the Renaissance period, and is based in the beautiful city of Norwich, where she lives with her boyfriend Tom. Sophie loves cinema, theatre, and reading. If she's not in the library or out exploring the stunning Norfolk countryside, she's probably enjoying something delicious in one of her favourite restaurants, wine bars, or cafes. 

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