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a podcast that celebrates female creativity and success

Tea and Tattle is a weekly podcast, featuring interviews with inspiring women and thoughtful conversations about books, wellbeing, creativity and culture. Guests on the podcast range from internationally bestselling authors, such as Kate Morton, to Royal Ballet Principle Dancer Yasmine Naghdi, award-winning illustrator Johanna Basford and food writer Skye McAlpine.

Pop the kettle on, find a comfy chair and settle down to enjoy a soothing episode of Tea & Tattle.

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About the Host

Hello! I'm Miranda Mills, the founder of Tea & Tattle Podcast. I started Tea & Tattle in November 2016 as a platform to share conversations with successful, creative women that I hope will inspire listeners to pursue their own dreams and ambitions.

If you’d like to keep up with my day-to-day life and my latest book recommendations, do check out my instagram accounts @mirandasnotebook and @mirandasbookcase.


Tea Reads

Occasionally, I publish a mini Tea Reads episode, where I share a favourite short read of mine.

From poetry to essays, letters and short stories, whatever I discuss is never longer than a 10 minute read - the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea!

I hope Tea Reads inspire you to take 10 minutes for yourself once a week to read something great, whether it's a piece of writing I recommend or something you select for yourself.


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